Hostel in Chiang Mai – Baan Bua Kum

Hostel in Chiang Mai – Baan Bua Kum
 Room size: 12 m²

 Building: Cottage
 Accommodation: Single
 Room Type: Standard
 View: Road view
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 Price (for 1 night): ฿ 500
(Price may vary depending on season)
In the room
  Free wifi
  Air conditioning
  Private shower
  Private toilet
In the territory
  Smoking area
  Free parking


Overnight at Baan Bua Kum is the result of my wanderings at night in Chiang Mai without booking a room. I was just tired and did not want to search and go somewhere else.

The hostel is a guest house with a main building and small cottages. The main building has family rooms with several bedrooms. I spent the night in one of the cottages.

Cottages are 4 small houses that are very close to each other. The walls are made of obscure material – something like reed mats soaked in epoxy. Probably, according to the plan of the builders, this should give a national flavor. For me, this is a complete lack of soundproofing. Cottages stand close to each other, at arm’s length.

Baan Bua Kum

Near the airport and highway 108. This is on the one hand a plus – I left the yard and immediately drove along the highway towards Doi Inthannon, bypassing the city. The track is very noisy. Also, when you turn on the faucet in the washbasin or shower, then there is a metal screen. I don’t understand how the sewage system is arranged there, but the water drains into some kind of steel tank and the rumble is from every drop.

There are several street cafes and a 7/11 shop along the road. Across the road is CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport. You won’t stay hungry.

The room is very small, cramped. There is nowhere to put things, except on the floor in a narrow passage to the bathroom. Constantly you need to look under your feet, so as not to step on your things. There is no electric kettle, so I used an immersion heater (boiler), which I always carry with me for such cases.

Overnight is possible in extreme cases, for example, you arrive late, rent a car at the airport and there is no need to call into the city, spend the night and go to Doi Inthannon early in the morning. In other cases, it is better to find another place to stop.


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