Hotel Room Classification


Types of hotel buildings

MB (Main Building) – The main building of the hotel.
Bungalow (BG, BGL) – Bungalow. Separate low-rise residential building in hotels. Usually with a small number of rooms.
Cabana – A bungalow-type building, located separately from the main hotel building, on the beach or near the pool, can be equipped as a bedroom.
Chale – An extension to the main building or a detached cottage.
Cottage – Cottage.
Fare – Bungalow in typical Polynesian style.
Jacuzzi villa – Villa with Jacuzzi.
Pavilion – The name of some non-residential buildings in the hotel.
Pool villa/bungalow – Villa or bungalow located by the pool.
Residence -Residence (detached villa).
Villa – A detached residential building in which one or more rooms can be located.
Water Bungalow – Bungalow standing on stilts in the water. Distributed in tropical island countries.

Hotel Accommodation Types

Single (SGL) —Single room or single occupancy in a double room (only one person lives in a room for two guests).
Double (DBL) — Double occupancy. The room is equipped with one large double bed.
Twin (TWN) — Double occupancy. The room is equipped with two twin beds.
DBL + ЕХВ – Triple occupancy. Two adults in stationary beds, a third (usually a child) in an extra bed.
Triple (TRPL) — Triple occupancy. Room with three beds. There can be three single beds, and one double and 1 single. TRPL differs from DBL + EXB in that the third berth is also stationary.
Quadriple (QDPL) — quadruple room.
5 ADL – quintuple room.
Extra Bed (ExB) — extra bed (can be installed in any of the above rooms (usually a folding bed or sofa).
1 BDRM – 1 bedroom apartment.
2 BDRM – Two-Bedroom Apartment
Child (Chld) — the child for whom the supplement is paid (the age category is set by each hotel independently and is indicated by “Age”).
Run of house (ROH) — accommodation upon arrival (this type of accommodation is very popular in Asia). The advantage of this accommodation is the low cost of the room.

Hotel Room Types

Standard — ordinary one room.
Superior — One room, slightly better than Standard.
Suite — two-room or large one-room number (much more than Standard).
Mini Suite – Superior Room (better than Superior).
Junior Suite – Superior room: usually a large comfortable room with a fenced-off berth that can be converted into a living room during the day.
Senior Suite – Superior room, usually two-room: living room and bedroom.
Executive Suite – usually two-bedroom suites.
King Suite – “Royal suite”, which has 2 bedrooms, a living room and a meeting room or study.
Family room — two-room family room (for 4 or more people).
De luxe — more expensive room.
Concierge room – Room type, characterized by a higher level of service compared to standard rooms.
Apartments — The rooms are planned close to the apartments. Usually have a kitchen or kitchen area, consist of 2 or more rooms. The price of a room does not usually include meals at the hotel.
Executive — Superior rooms, consisting of two or more rooms, located in a specially allocated area of the hotel, for example, on one floor. Guest rooms offer a higher level of service and additional free services.
Studio – Studio with Kitchen Area.
Honeymoon room – Room for honeymooners.
Honeymoon suite – “Suite” for the newlyweds.
Duplex — two-story room.
Connection (connedted room) – Connecting / communicating rooms with a door between them. They can be combined into one number. Usually standard rooms are combined, less often standard rooms with higher category numbers.
Balcony room – Room with a balcony.
Corner room – Corner number.
Pool access – Room or detached bungalow / villa with direct access to the pool.
Business room — a large room in which all the conditions are created to conduct business: office equipment (computer, fax, internet, telephone, etc.), office furniture.
President, Royal Suite — the most luxurious hotel rooms. They differ in the mass of rooms for various purposes: bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, a room for business negotiations, dining rooms, several toilets, etc.

Types of rooms in hotels with a view from the windows

Garden view (GV) -Garden view.
Beach front – Beachfront room located as close to the beach as possible.
Beach view (BV) -View of the beach.
City view (CV) – City view.
Dune view (DV) – View of the dunes (sands).
Golf view – View of the bay.
Grass view – View of the lawn.
Inside view (IV) – View of the atrium or the inside of the hotel (hotel courtyard).
Jungle view (JV) – View of the jungle.
Lagoone view (LV) – View of the lagoon.
Land view (LV) – View of the surroundings.
Mountain view (MV) – Mountain View.
Ocean view (OV) – Ocean view.
Park view – Park view.
Partial sea view – Partial sea view.
Pool view (PV) – View to a pool.
Road view – View of the road.
Side sea view (SSV) – Side view of the sea.
Sea straight view – Direct sea view.
Sea view (SV) – Sea view.

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